In comparison to a closed mind which may restrict itself to certain boundaries, such as those of a specific area or region, race, culture, ideologies, fixed mindsets, a Healthy Mind is an open mind which is tolerant of the differences each one of us is created with. It is a mind which is able to think beyond any kind of  boundaries, it is receptive of change, of new ideas, and it knows how to give respect not only to each human being, irrespective of gender, race, financial background, or other dividing criteria, but it also has to adapt & learn how to give respect to others’ life on this planet and take care of the environment.

A healthy mind is conscious about living in a healthy body and works towards creating it through good nutrition and regular fitness.

The word “International” in our name denotes globalization which is achieved through peace, tolerance, respect and understanding of various cultures around the world.

Hence, we are going to achieve this in our school through a collaborative mix of students and faculty from diverse nationalities.


Healthy – Mind International School (HIS) rests on the bedrock of the rue essence of education, which is– to make a child an eminently valuable contributor to the world we live in. We believe that the most authentic meaning of education is, “An Enlightening Experience,” keeping in mind that the root of the word, Education, is derived from three Latin words–Educare, Educere, Educatum

Educare means to nourish, to bring upon. We believe that every child is a beautiful sampling of nature that needs the right nourishment to blossom into a healthy plant, hence, a well-rounded human being. HIS will be that garden where your child’s potentialities are not only discovered, but developed with absolute love, care, and nourishment.

Educere means to lead, to draw out and to bring forth. Each child is born with a gift and we at HIS will embark on this journey of discovery to unravel their uniqueness and make them the best version of themselves. Retaining their authenticity, while making them a genius at what naturally comes to them, would be the cornerstone of our institution.

Educatum means to educate and relates to the art of teaching. The students will learn in an atmosphere of empathy, unconditional positive regard, joy, and freedom of expression. We believe that every child is born with an inherent talent that needs the right environment and stimulation to unravel itself. While amassing of worldly knowledge and acquisition of professional skills is essential, but honing the child’s true potential, be it in any field, would be critical to our holistic educational approach.

With an International Curriculum, students will be provided with the creative tools to engage them in inquiry, problem solving, develop critical thinking skills and be open to consistently challenge their thought pattern and be agape to new ideas. We at HIS give credence to the fact that the real key to education is to unlock the mind and to make it open, accepting, and curious.

Another leaf to our education platform is sports which is a microcosm of life itself and an essential element of education. It’s through sports that the values of team spirit, giving your best, quick decision making, embracing change, empathy and above all, accepting defeat gracefully, are imbibed. Every child will have access to professional training and coaching in the sphere of Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Football, Hockey and other allied sports with world-class facilities. Along with sports and academics, the child’s sense modalities will be stimulated through a host of co-curricular activities like dance, music, theatre, yoga, art, nutrition, to name a few.

At HIS, we embrace diversity! HIS will serve as a melting pot of varied cultures and diverse backgrounds where each child’s unique identity will be celebrated, while the idea of unity and global citizenship is upheld and appreciated. This environment will foster the feeling of empathy towards all, appreciation of differences and an evolved understanding of self and others. These are the values and ethos that will take humanity forward and this is what HIS stands for.

Our professionally trained teachers will create a joyful learning environment to focus on igniting the unique spark in every child rather than merely filling up the pail with textbook knowledge. For far too long, the belief has been that career building is the quintessence of education, but we at HIS challenge this age-old redundant notion. Instead, our goal is to build a new generation of lifelong learners, whose specialization or career is just a byproduct of their evolved mind, to become not just ordinary, but extra-ordinary adults and attain professional as well as personal success of the highest order.

We believe that every parent has the ability to inspire their child to use their passion in a way that influences positive change in the world. True empowerment starts at home and we trust you to be the best parent to your child. From time to time, we will share practices and hold activities to foster a healthy mind in a healthy body. Your child is the most valuable resource and the best hope for the future of planet Earth.

Let’s join hands to make them healthy global citizens who will give meaning and purpose to their lives and impact the lives of others as well.

Let’s walk together to build: “Supreme beings of Light and Love.”



Assist in developing the unique talent(s) of each child through personalised education. Make them leaders in their respective fields on a global level.



Founder of H.I.S., Chairman of IPMC
An Author, Healer and Health Reformer


Co-founder of H.I.S., CEO of IPMC


- THE FOUNDER PRINCIPAL – Healthy-Mind International School
(With over 20 years of Leadership, Corporate Training and Teaching Experience)
-Founder Principal of three International Schools in India
-Senior Vice-Principal Admin in a Japanese school
-ESL Teacher and British Council Certified IELTS Examiner in India
-Corporate Trainer in Canada.

Facilities available in Phase – I

Airy Classrooms (with a small class size of 10-12 students )
Fun-Filled Activity Room
Well-equipped Music Room
Amazing Library
Modern ICT Lab
Swimming pool
World-Class Synthetic Courts (Tennis, Volleyball)
Art & Craft Facilities
Spacious Playground
Football/Hockey Pitch
Small and large common areas for performing arts

Sports activities

Self-development sports


Team sports


One-to-one sports

Lawn Tennis
Table tennis
Badminton (phase 2)

Indoor sports

Educating Video games (phase 2)

Extra co–curricular activities

Debates, Creative writing
Music – Instrumental and vocal
Drama and dance
Electronic & Robotics Club
Maths club, chess club
Spelling Bee
Model United Nations
Other clubs suggested by the PTA

Precautions for infectious diseases

Lesser number of students in a class (10-12).
Well-equipped infirmary.
Water Purification Cylinders
Maintaining high cleaning standards in the school.
Health screening of staff and students.
Health education on Covid-19 and other related health issues.
Temperature Checks.
Hand Sanitizers.

The School Tour

Assembly Square
Ground Floor Washrooms
Football / Hockey Field
Amphitheatre, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool
Music Room
Sky Terrace


Our curriculum is a blend of GES (Ghana Education Service) and International Baccalaureate (IB) with a focus on their Early Childhood and Primary Years Program(PYP). GES curriculum is used for those who require a transition from that background to the IB based curriculum.

We are a prospective candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) and are incorporating their Primary Years Program (PYP). Our curriculum is not only based on academics but is also focused towards developing the unique talent/s of each individual .

OUR TEACHING METHODOLOGY - A Community Based Approach

Internal Community

H.I.S. believes in involving parents working closely with the teachers to ensure a good learning experience for children.With this active partnership in the form of PTA, there is a comfortable working relationship that ensures division of certain responsibilities between selected parents & educators for the improvement and running of the school.

Representatives of the PTA will also be a part of the board level.

A full-time coordinator working alongside parents will be available to ensure a strong,progressive and active PTA.

External Community

H.I.S. realizes the need to develop & imbibe compassion amongst its learners through a community outreach program. In fact just next to the school is housing facility for the socially disadvantaged. It is a platform that augurs well for our students to have an interaction through sports & other programs that will provoke HIS students to empathize & at the same time understand  the under-privileged & deprived section of the society.