At Healthy-Mind International School, we offer international education for students from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Our classes are from Pre-Nursery to Grade 6. Applications are accepted throughout the school’s academic year. This Application Process serves as a guide for parents who wish to apply for their wards.

Please read carefully the following steps:

Step 1: Inquire

Step 2: Book appointment for a tour

Parents are advised to book an appointment for a school tour at their convenience.

Step 3: Brief Presentation about the school

Step 4: School tour

Parents/guardians will be taken on a tour around the school.

Step 5: Registration

Parents/Guardians are to pick up the necessary forms for application at the Administration office at a non- refundable and non-transferable fee. The forms should be duly filled and returned to the office in person.
Parents/Guardians will be contacted by the school for a Student Placement Assessment Test which will be carried out by the class teachers respectively.

N/B: Application for registration is free until September 1 st , 2020.

Step 6: Placement Assessment Test

All students applying to HIS will be assessed, irrespective of age, class, school, background or Nationality.The school will schedule an appointment with the Parents/Guardians at their convenience.

Step 7: Admission & Fee payment

  • The school scrutinizes all submitted documents.
  • Upon verification, a school Fee Slip is given to the parent/guardian for payment to be made at thedesignated bank.
  • The Deposit Fee slip is submitted to the school office for verification and issuance of Admission Letter and School Brochure.
  • Admission will only be granted upon confirmation of payment of Tuition Fee. Thereafter, a seat will be assigned to the student in the appropriate class. The payment is non-refundable if the seat onceaccepted is later refused.

Step 9: Purchase of school uniform and collection of Course Books/Materials


At Healthy Mind International School, it’s our goal to make the admissions process as straightforward as possible. We understand that relocating and transitioning to a new school and culture comes with plenty of challenges. To make it easier to navigate those changes, we strive to create a welcoming environment for prospective, new and returning students and their families. We are a nondenominational, multicultural school that provides a well-rounded education, preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.


Enrolment is open to students of all nationalities. Our academic year begins in September and ends in late July, and we accept relocation admissions throughout the year. Our policy is to try and ensure that each class has a balance of nationalities, genders and languages. This allows students to enjoy the maximum benefits of learning in a multicultural, co-educational environment whilst maintaining a high standard of spoken English, our primary language of instruction.

The admissions process begins when parents complete the application form. Be sure to include any supporting documents so that your application can be processed in a timely manner.

If there is space available in the appropriate year group, we will review your application. Our decision is based on whether we think our curriculum and school culture will be able to meet your child’s needs.

To make our decision, we use school reports and references, communication with parents and, depending on their age, informal assessment of prospective students. To determine whether children are a good fit for our school, we look for:

    • A positive attitude toward learning
    • Learning aptitude to benefit from our curriculum
    • Ability to relate positively to other students
    • A sufficient level of English to access our curriculum or benefit from intensive English instruction*

*Beginning in Early Childhood, we accept students who are new to English if we believe that they can learn it quickly through immersion in everyday class activities. For children in Grades 1-5 who are new to English, we ask that parents enrol them to intensive English lessons (offered by HIS) and provide general support at home. Students in Grade 6 onwards must be proficient enough to access the curriculum without additional help.

We also accept students who have English as a second language as long as they can access the curriculum and have sufficient support at home.

Our Head of School makes the final decision on admitting students. Once your child has been accepted, we prepare an official student contract, welcoming your child to our school community.

New HIS Parents
At HIS, parents play a vital role in contributing to our school and the local community whilst supporting their child’s education. We encourage regular communication between parents and educators. Our admissions team can answer any questions you may have concerning our curriculum, co-curricular activities and fee structure. If reaching us by phone is not practical due to time differences or schedule conflicts, we invite you to complete our enquiry form. If you are already living in
Ghana, or know when you will arrive, we encourage you to book a tour or make plans to attend an open house. When you visit us, you will be able to see first-hand why our students are so excited to be here and how our unique approach equips them for lifelong success.


AgeHISHIS Programme
15 months -3 yearsPlaygroupMontessori
3-4 yearsNurseryIB PYP
4-5 yearsReceptionIB PYP
5-6 yearsYear 1IB PYP
6-7 yearsYear 2IB PYP
7-8 yearsYear 3IB PYP
8-9 yearsYear 4IB PYP
9-10 yearsYear 5IB PYP
10-12 yearsYear 6IB PYP
12-13 yearsYear 7IB MYP
13-14 yearsYear 8IB MYP
14-15 yearsYear 9IB MYP