Our Mission

Healthy–Mind International School (HIS) rests on the bedrock of the true essence of education, which is – to make a child an eminently valuable contributor to the world we live in. Our goal is to build a new generation of lifelong learners, whose specialization or career is just a by-product of their evolved mind, to become not just ordinary, but extraordinary adults with high order thinking skills that will help them to attain professional as well as personal success.

We believe that the real key to education is to unlock the mind and to make it open, accepting, and curious. We also believe that the true meaning of education is not to pour into you what you do not need but to bring out what you already have and help you to enhance it to become the best that you can. At HIS, every child will have access to professional training and coaching in the sphere of Tennis, Swimming, Football, and other allied sports with world-class facilities. Along with sports and academics, the child’s sense modalities will be stimulated through a host of co-curricular activities like dance, music, theatre, yoga, art, etc. Our professionally trained teachers will create a joyful learning environment to focus on unique talent/s in every child rather than focusing merely on filling up their minds with textbook knowledge. For far too long, the belief has been that career building is the quintessence of education, but we challenge this age-old redundant notion. Instead, our goal is to build a new generation of lifelong learners who will become global citizens and leaders in their individual professions.

Our Vision

To empower our Students, Faculty, and Parents to become Lifelong Learners and Masters of their lives with an INFINITE Vision to Excel professionally as well personally by discovering their unique TALENTS & INFINITE possibilities.


Our academic year begins mid-August and ends mid-June, and we accept relocation admissions throughout the year. Our policy is to try and ensure that each class has a balance of nationalities, genders, and languages. This allows students to enjoy the maximum benefits of learning in a multicultural, co-educational environment whilst maintaining a high standard of spoken English, our primary language of instruction.

The admissions process begins when parents complete and submit the application form with all relevant documents. If there is space available in the appropriate year group, we will review your application and our decision will be based on whether we think our curriculum and school culture will be able to meet your child’s needs.

To make our decision, we use school reports and references, communication with parents, and depending on their age, informal assessment of prospective students. To determine whether children are a good fit for our school, we look for:

  • A positive attitude toward learning
  • Learning aptitude to benefit from our curriculum
  • Ability to relate positively to other learners
  • A sufficient level of English to access our curriculum or benefit from intensive English instruction.

During early childhood, we accept learners who are new to English and help them to learn through immersion in everyday class activities. For children in year 1-6 who are new to English, we ask that parents enroll them to intensive English lessons (offered by HIS) and provide general support at home.

We also accept learners who have English as a second language as long as they can access the curriculum and have sufficient support at home.

Our Head of School makes the final decision on admitting learners. Once your child has been accepted, we prepare an official learner contract, welcoming your child to our school community.

Placement Assessment Test

Parents/Guardians will be contacted by the school for a Student Placement Assessment Test which will be carried out by the class teachers respectively. All students will be assessed, irrespective of age, class, school, background, or Nationality.

Admission & Fee Payment

  • The school examines all submitted documents.
  • Upon verification, a school Fee Slip is given to the parent/guardian for payment to be made at the designated bank.
  • The Deposit Fee slip is submitted to the school office for verification.
  • Thereafter, a seat will be assigned to the student in the appropriate class. The payment is non- refundable if the seat once accepted is later refused.

Age Criteria

PGA: 15 months to 2 years

PGB: 2 years to 3 years

Nursery: 3 years to 4 years

Reception : 4 years to 5 years

Year 1: 5 years to 6 years

Add 1 year for every senior class

For admission to Nursery: Minimum age 3 years by August 15th of the respective year.

Provision for learners with special needs

HIS has a dedicated program in place to support children with special needs.

For children requiring additional support, early intervention plays a crucial role in unlocking their full academic, emotional, and social potential.

Early intervention involves assessing the child’s developmental abilities and creating a tailored program with services customized to meet their specific needs. These services aim to enhance the child’s developmental skills and promote growth in various areas.

Admission procedures for such students adhere to guidelines based on the severity of each case. However, generally, the following measures are implemented:

  • Access to counselors is readily available for these students.
  • Special education instructors assist children in navigating their daily lives.
  • Tailored extra classes are designed and conducted to address individual needs.
  • Specialized syllabi, question papers, and scribes are provided as necessary to support their learning journey.

Continual revision of policies

Continual reflection and revision are essential to enhance the learning experience and stay current with any advancements. To this end, we revise and update our policies at the beginning of each academic year.

Current revision: August 2021