Greetings, and thank you for considering Healthy-Mind International School for your child’s education. As you explore our Pre-school program and our school, we invite you to reflect on the profound impact a robust educational foundation can have on your child’s future.
At Healthy-Mind International School, we strive to empower our students by fostering the development of essential lifelong skills while immersing them in a multicultural environment. Our diverse student body and faculty ensure that every child is exposed to multiple perspectives, reflecting the global community we live in. During your visit, you’ll witness how our dedicated faculty nurtures growth and learning in children through warmth, expertise, and unwavering dedication to our school’s values.Healthy-Mind’s Preschool is not merely a daycare facility; it’s a global educational institution that offers a stimulating, fun, and play-based learning environment to kickstart your child’s academic journey.

Why Preschool at Healthy-Mind?

At HIS, we are committed to providing Early Years students with educational experiences that instill a positive approach to learning. We recognize each child as a unique and intelligent individual, and we believe in nurturing their growth and development at their own pace. Our Pre-school curriculum emphasizes learning through play, allowing children to explore their environment and engage with peers, faculty, and the community. We integrate socio-emotional, physical, and cognitive development into a holistic learning experience. Through our play-based model, children develop essential skills and gain knowledge about the world around them. For instance, at the age of 3, students share their research on their favorite animals with their peers, while at 4, they delve into learning about the human body and its intricate systems and functions, making learning relatable and engaging.

The Preschool Team

Our team of facilitators is comprised of creative, innovative, and critical thinkers who are dedicated to nurturing each child’s inherent potential. They are highly educated and trained professionals, with many possessing advanced degrees or specialized certifications. Our Head and all facilitators are IB Trained, ensuring alignment with the highest educational standards. Moreover, they are passionate, engaging, and committed to bringing out the best in each child. They celebrate every child’s daily achievements, foster curiosity, and inspire their budding passions, creating a nurturing and enriching learning environment.