Assist in developing the unique talent(s) of each child through personalized education. Make them leaders in their respective fields on a global level.


Healthy–Mind International School, an IB World School for the Primary Years Programme and candidate school for Middle years Programme , rests on the bedrock of the true essence of education, which is – to make a child an eminently valuable contributor to the world we live in. We believe that the most authentic meaning of education is an Enlightening Experience.

Students at HIS will experience a positive, nurturing, and loving atmosphere, which is an essential element of any child’s learning and development. Our goal is to build a new generation of lifelong learners, whose specialization or career is just a byproduct of their evolved mind, to become not just ordinary, but extraordinary adults with high order thinking skills that will help them to attain professional as well as personal success.

We at HIS give credence to the fact that the real key to education is to unlock the mind and to make it open, accepting, and curious. We also believe that the true meaning of education is not to pour into you what you do not need but to bring out what you already have and help you to enhance it to become the best that you can

Another part of our education platform is sports, which plays a major role in a child’s development and is also an essential element of education. It is through sports that the values of team spirit, giving your best, quick decision-making, embracing change, empathy, and above all, accepting defeat gracefully, are imbibed. Every child will have access to professional training and coaching in the sphere of Tennis, Swimming, Football, and other allied sports with world-class facilities. Along with sports and academics, the child’s sense modalities will be stimulated through a host of co-curricular activities like dance, music, theatre, yoga, and art, to name a few.

Our professionally trained facilitators will create a joyful learning environment to focus on unique talent/s in every child rather than focusing merely on filling up their minds with textbook knowledge. For far too long, the belief has been that career building is the quintessence of education, but we at HIS challenge this age-old redundant notion. Instead, our goal is to build a new generation of lifelong learners.

Hence, we plan to achieve this through a collaborative mix of students and faculty from diverse nationalities. With an International Curriculum, Learners will be provided with the creative tools to engage them in inquiry, and problem solving, develop critical thinking skills, and be open to consistently challenge their thought patterns and be agape to new ideas.

At HIS, we embrace diversity! HIS will serve as a melting pot of varied cultures and diverse backgrounds where each child’s unique identity will be celebrated, while the idea of unity and global citizenship is upheld and appreciated. This environment will foster the feeling of empathy towards all, appreciation of differences, and an evolved understanding of self and others. These are the values and ethos that will take humanity forward and this is what HIS stands for.

Last but not least, Education at HIS is not just for our students, but also for the Faculty and not to forget – the Parents, who play the most essential part in child-upbringing. The divine and ultimate goal for all is to become Lifelong Learners.



To empower our Leaners, Faculty, and Parents to become Lifelong Learners and Masters of their lives with an INFINITE VISION to EXCEL professionally as well as personally by discovering their unique TALENTS and INFINITE possibilities.